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Why Sportsavvy?

Though there are many league management software companies, none compare to SportSavvy. The worksheet below will allow you to compare your current solution to SportSavvy. Want a more exhaustive list with hundreds of  functions and features?  Qualified leagues can receive our Comprehensive Comparison Worksheet absolutely FREE!

How SportSavvy Compares

System Feature



Full integration from the club to the national organization check ?
Available as a stand-alone at the club level check ?
Online registration check ?
Offline registration check ?
Family-based, Player-based and Team-based Registration check ?
Discounting and late fees applied check ?
Manually Schedule check ?
Automated Scheduling check ?
Comprehensive Scheduling check ?
Conflict free scheduling check ?
Online viewing of Schedule (real-time) check ?
Online viewing of Standings and Statistics (real-time) check ?
Facility Management check ?
In-house Facility Booking check ?
Online Facility Booking check ?
User/permission-based access check ?
Easy communication with Players, Coaches, Parents & Stakeholders check ?
Automated Rostering based on multiple factors check ?
Game Official management check ?
Tournament Management check ?
Websites check ?
Quick Book integration check ?
150+ standard reports check ?
Fundraising check ?
Competitively priced check ?
Exceptional customer service, live training, online videos & Wiki check ?
100% Kid Friendly check ?
Upload your game video and pictures check ?
Much much more ¦ check ?


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