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Switching league management software providers doesn t have to be difficult

By | League Management | 17 October 2016 | Comments (0)

sports league management softwareUnless someone is working behind the scenes in a sports league, it s hard for them to appreciate how much work goes into making everything a success. Even before the season begins, players have to be registered, teams have to be organized, games have to be scheduled, the list of tasks goes on ¦

Over the past few years, league management software has been saving a lot of time for league organizers and volunteers by automating most of the time-consuming tasks associated with running a league. However, many of these software packages create just as much work as they eliminate;

  • Most software packages are so complex that they require 6-8 hours of mandatory training before league administrators can even begin to set up their software.
  • Setting up your sports league for the year can be weeks of work, depending on how easy the software is to use, which might make you consider going back to paper.
  • Most league management software providers provide mediocre support at best, or force users to submit requests for the simplest of things like not allowing any more registrations to a full league. This means there are big delays in getting things you need done quickly.

What if you could set up your online registration in under an hour?

After many years working with sports leagues, we got sick of clunky software packages that made league setup a soul-crushing process. So, we created a highly-intelligent system with an automated setup process that does most of the work for you.

SportSavvy has a step-by-step onboarding process that gives you access to world-class tech support, online resources, and wizards that are faster and easier to use than you dreamed club software could be.

SportSavvy is so easy to set up, we ve even onboarded a several thousand-person league in the middle of their season ¦many times in fact!

Although not ideal, being able to switch over mid-season shows how easy, painless, and foolproof switching to SportSavvy is. Our software will help you set up and manage your registrations, scheduling, communications, and financials from within a single, unified system.

You ll be glad you made the effort to switch to our software… because it won t be much effort at all.

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