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A strategic sport communication model is key to the success of your organization

By | Communication | 16 May 2015 | Comments (0)

strategic sport communication I guess the fact that we send out blast emails, phone calls, website updates, main phone msg, and twitter are not enough so we will add texting.  This is an  excerpt from an email I recently received, and it raises the very valid question,   “How does an  administrator/club/organization do everything for everybody when technology is changing so fast and expectations are constantly increasing?”

With the administrator already having their plate overflowing with to-dos, what strategic sport communication model will your organization put in place, who will implement it and who will carry out the tasks?

  • Who is going to communicate to organizational members, players, parents, coaches, referees etc.?
  • How will they determine the best way go about doing this?
  • Who will decide whether your organization is going to take a proactive or reactive approach to communications?
  • How will the organization know whether or not the communication plan is working?

Paul Petersen discusses his Strategic Sport Communication Model (SSCM) in his article, “Reflections on Communication and Sport: On Strategic Communication and Management“. This article provides a communications framework for clubs and organizations. It states that  a team s communication with its  stakeholders has an impact on the success of the sport organization. It also covers media relations, crisis communications, social media, etc., across 3 broad  categories. In addition, this article was well-researched and has many citations, so it’s a great springboard for further reading should any of the article’s key topics peak your interest.

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