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Why it’s free

Our partners are covering your Sportsavvy fees.

Our growing list of exclusive partnerships with corporate and professional organizations means that every sports league is able to have free access to our basic league management software package.

This means that the money you ll save with using Sportsavvy can be invested back into your league.

Here s what some clubs are doing with the money they re saving ¦.

  • “We are supporting more kids that otherwise would not have the chance to play and have hired more certified coaches.” -Edward, Armour Heights Soccer Club
  • “It will allow us to maintain our prices for another year, which is always well received by our members. Thanks for your help.” -Sandra, Uxbridge Soccer Club

As a result of these partnerships, we are thrilled to be able to help local grassroots sporting organizations large or small like yours, gain access to:

  • Free best-in-class sports management system (registration, scheduling, communications and more!)
  • Free hosted WordPress website;
  • Free live training opportunities and support;

If you want to use the same sports management system and play with the BIG dogs, and want it for free, contact us to book a short demo today!

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