Manage 1000s of player registrations,
schedules and teams...

Fully-integrated, secure system


League management software for sports clubs that want to keep their money on the playing field.



It’s like having the ultimate  defensive lineup
protecting your net.

We protect your data the way the  ultimate  defense players  stop  the other team from scoring. Your  data will be  housed within a centralized database and  stored on  multiple, geographically dispersed, secure servers; data will be  saved on the primary server and backed up on the secondary as part of SportSavvy’s Disaster Recovery and Failover Systems set up.

Centralized Database: one permission-based access point allows permitted members of your organization to access all of your data, which is stored in a centralized database. Whether you belong to a stand-alone club or a national organization with multiple divisions, with the right permissions you’ll be able to view, report and  analyze your organization’s data  with less effort than it takes to do  5 push ups.

EV SSL Encrypted Security: Extended Validation (EV) SSL gives you an even higher level of security than standard SSL. You ll be able to sleep at night knowing that your data and transactions will remain well-protected within the SportSavvy security-enabled environment.

PCI Compliant: SportSavvy is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), so no need to bring in your own enforcers your members credit card information will stay safe and well-protected.

Automated Data Backups: each time your data is updated, it will be automatically backed up on our redundant servers. In addition, we perform daily backups of your entire database, so no need to worry about lost information. Your data is in soft, but strong hands!

Private and Password Protected: track all user activity; activity reports will show you who logged in, what changes they made and when – each activity will be date and time stamped. You also control what type of data each user type can view and what system activities they will be  able to perform. For example, password and financial data can only be viewed and/or edited by AdminSavvy users who you have assigned full administrator privileges to. Think bouncer with a clipboard!

Offsite Redundancy:  SportSavvy has robust Disaster Recovery and Failover Systems in place to protect your data from being lost. Not only do we   house your data on two separate servers – one acting as the primary server and the other acting as the redundant server – we also have both servers set up in different provinces, in order to minimize  the risk of data loss resulting from a catastrophic event. In the event of a system failure, this redundant server will become the active server within minutes.

Live and Online Support: we’re here for you every hour and every day of the year. Don’t get us wrong, we do celebrate the special holidays, we just don’t let the holidays stop us from providing you with support. Our online resolution center is open  24/7, 365 days a year. We can also come to your location – during business hours that is – to provide live in-person help and training seminars. In addition, we have tonnes of how-to videos, a Wiki area jammed with some very useful info, and detailed Getting Started manuals.

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