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How to schedule 2,800 games in a single afternoon

By | League Management | 31 October 2016 | Comments (0)

Besides registering players and communications, creating a schedule for every game in your sports league can be one of the more challenging and time-consuming tasks for any league administrator. There are so many moving parts that have to be considered, including ¦

  • Booking the facilities
  • Making sure each team has evenly spaced games
  • Keeping track of holidays and no-play dates
  • Arranging a fair season
  • Ensuring equal travel times
  • Scheduling referees and volunteers

Keeping track of all these variables is almost impossible, and so is scheduling a league s season by hand. Most league management software packages available aren t much better, and often require an annoying amount of manual tweaking after the fact.

On top of that, making changes to the schedule mid-season is just as difficult, and can suck up precious hours of a league administrator s time. But there is a better way.


Creating balanced schedules using league scheduling software

Our chief scheduling architect and co-founder, Dr. J.B.  Moore, taught scheduling at the University of Waterloo at the doctoral level so that s the biggest math school in the World at the highest level. Since 1998, JB passionately worked with numerous sporting organizations, often sitting one-on-one with Administrators observing the tasks required to create a perfect schedule. The outcome of these collaborative efforts, supported by our team of programmers, is what we believe to be the most advanced and easy-to-use league scheduling software on the planet.

One of our users is a soccer club with thousands of members. They schedule their whole season, a whopping 2,800 games, from start to finish in one afternoon. The schedules are perfectly balanced (e.g., start times, field usage) and with a click of a button are automatically published to their website.


SportSavvy is the future of league management software

Our league scheduling software makes it easy to run every aspect of your sports league, including registration, scheduling, communications, and financials. Plus, switching to SportSavvy is easy, painless, and foolproof. Contact us to book a short demo today!

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