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Governing Bodies

The IT requirements of a Sports Governing Body are different than those at the Club level. You need to track registrants across multiple
sub-organizations, mitigate risks, have transparency in authorized areas, organize competitions, and much more. SportSavvy understands the multiple issues facing organized sports today.

But what about the game itself?

This is probably the reason you originally got into sports league management, simply for the love of playing. With so much functionality at your fingertips, you ll have ample time to actually build your brand and develop your athletes. Having a Governing Body system that not only excels at that level, but is also a super-star at the Club level is what SportSavvy does best. For a sport to survive and thrive, all members need to be moving in the same direction. We call this Organizational Alignment. Imagine having a system that allows you to accomplish your tasks with ease. Now imagine if this same system was also the leading League Management software for Sports Clubs.

SportSavvy is that incredible system.

In addition to being the leading software for Governing Bodies, we are also the Captain on the All-Star team at the Club level. So when you are considering what can  handle your needs, also consider a solution that will bring your entire organization together on one fully integrated easy-to-use platform. Your clubs will appreciate the streamlined, intuitive features of SportSavvy and equally recognize the wisdom of your league management software choice. The SportSavvy League Management System gives you a broad range of tools that address each aspect of league management.

We believe you ll agree that this League Management software is light-years ahead of its competition.

  • Extensive Management Reports
  • Registration
  • Payments
  • Scheduling
  • Rostering
  • Communication
  • Social networking
  • Web hosting
  • And much much more…

With SportSavvy, your organization will eliminate the need to use several software programs to get the job done. One system does it all! And you don t have to be a Rocket Scientist to use our software. We ve taken years to fine-tune  our product so that it is the most effective league management software available today. You will be up and running with access to real-time data about your sports organization in a flash.

Organize, automate and simplify with SportSavvy!

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