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Coaches, get the best out of your athletes!

Mutual respect, trust and honesty are universal motivators but ¦

get the best out of your athletes

To get the best out of your athletes you need to know the type of relationship your athlete responds best to.

This University of Western Sydney paper  looked at the relationships between professional coaches and players and determined that there are two types of coach-athlete relationships the close, ˜family ˜ oriented relationship or the ˜professional ˜ arms-length relationship both of which are considered equally effective as long as the coaches and athletes share the same attitude towards the relationship .

Every coach has their own natural style. Giving express thought to the natural style of your athletes, and  tailoring  your relationship to them, can help separate you from being an  average coach  to being that great coach (every former player, no matter what sport or level played, can recall at least one great coach). Skills and drills will bring the thrills, but knowing how to connect to your athletes provides them with a life-long passion for the sport.


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