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Team Communications

Team Communications

League management software for sports clubs that want to keep their money on the playing field.


Bullhorn or headset. It’s your call.

A communication module with the power to amplify your message and shout it out – faster than your best running back BTW – to everyone or the discretion to share it only with specific groups or individuals. It also opens up the lines of communication between coaches, referees, players, and parents, making it so much easier to coordinate everything from game time changes to carpooling.

Club Website: get your website up in about the same amount of time it takes to play/watch a 9 inning game of baseball! With specific pages for Coaches, Referees, Teams, Players, and Parents you can feature the right kind of information to the right audience.

Last Minute Game Alerts: a sudden rain-out or field cancellation can send a club into scramble mode. But with SportSavvy that scene is a thing of the past. When an administrator makes a scheduling change that change ripples out with notifications to assigned Game Officials, Coaches, Parents and Players with automated emails. Leagues and stakeholders can also opt-in for text message notifications (fees may apply).

Email Blasts:   easily send emails to your entire organization, a division, a team, a player or any group. Players and coaches can also send messages in the Player Pages area. Automated emails are sent when a game gets rescheduled or referee assignments change.

SMS Blasts*: blast out text messages to any group, division, team or your entire organization to provide quick and/or urgent updates. Type in your text message click a few buttons and voila!

Car Pooling: parents can contact each other to arrange for car pooling inside your personalized, private and password protected 100%  kid-friendly player and team pages. Use our rostering tools to get players from the same geographic location on the same team.

Coach and Team Chats: Leagues, Coaches and Players can post Announcements, Discussion topics and Wall postings. Players can notify coaches of their attendance,  chat with their teammates and coaches, and Be In The Game ® long after play has ended.  Use this private and password-protected kid-friendly area to keep the fun and learning going after the game!

Game Results and Standings: automatic and real-time publishing of game results, stats and standings to your public club webpage and to the private player pages and coaches pages.



  • Organize Snack Duty
  • Feature Sporting Body News on your website
  • View and Upload Photos/Videos on your website
  • Provide weather updates on your website
  • Send and Receive Emails


* There are fees associated with this feature.


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