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Sports registration software for athletic clubs that want to keep their money on the playing field.

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All you’ll need is one cook.

With the SportSavvy league management system in place, it only takes one cook or two – if you decide to let another cook into your kitchen AKA the magical set-up wizard – to set up and manage the registration process. And because of the highly-automated nature of SportSavvy’s sports registration software module, registration and financial errors become a thing of the past. Plus, the quick and straightforward registration process makes it more likely that players, volunteers and parents will walk away singing your praises.

Recruit Volunteers: register players and recruit volunteers all in one go. All you have to do is tell the SportSavvy system which volunteers you need – whether you’re looking for coaches, assistant coaches and/or pizza day or snack coordinators – and your registration form and player pages will do the recruiting for you!

Player, Parent and Coach Profiles: setting up profiles is a snap. Once players, parents and coaches are registered all they have to do is log in to set up or edit their profiles.

Automated Waitlists: creating waitlists and waitlist limits are as easy as 1-2-3. Simply select the number of players that can register before your waitlist begins and then set the maximum players allowed on your waitlist. Once your waitlist maximum has been reached, the system will automatically call the game and shut down the ability for anyone else to register.

Automated Receipts:   gone are the days of you having to overload the postman or your outbox to get receipts out the door. SportSavvy makes it much easier on everyone by giving your registrants a number of different receipt options, such as: automated email receipts and the ability to log into their account to view and print their own receipts.

Member Profile Management: create and update member profiles, and view member data from the upper deck with just a few clicks. No binoculars required.

Add User-Defined Registration Questions: create customized registration forms with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply create custom or select from our list of standard questions to create your various registration forms. Then save, publish, and just wait for the registrations to come rolling in.

Restrict Registrations to Specific Members/Groups: you have the ability to restrict registrations to specific members and/or groups. Simply select the “Restrict Registrations” in the Registration dashboard and a registration invitation with a unique registration code will be emailed to the members and/or groups you specify. Don’t worry,  we’ll help you check the tickets at the gate.

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