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Financial Management


League management software for sports clubs that want to keep their money on the playing field.



Save  your energy for the big game.

It’s like having a forensic accounting team and a team of seasoned game promoters all rolled into one. Not only does  SportSavvy make it super  easy for you to manage your organization’s  finances, it will actually help you grow your revenue without even  breaking a sweat. This way you can conserve  your energy for the big  game.


Multiple Payment Methods:  you’ll be able to accept online payments via Interac ® ,VISA ®,  MasterCard ®,  American Express ® and other major credit cards.

Automated Receipts: gone are the days of mailing and emailing out receipts. SportSavvy gets your registrant’s receipt into their hands in 4 ways including automated emailing and allowing them to login and print their own receipt at any time of the year.

Apply Discounts (Family/Group):  SportSavvy has many standard group and family discounts that you can apply to your registrations.  Standard  discounts include: multi-player, multi-family, percentage discount, dollar discount, after a certain number of registrations in a family, and more. However, if your organization’s discount  structure is different than any of the standard ones in the system, no worries – we’d be happy to create a custom discount structure for you. All you have to do is ask!

Fundraising: with the power of the many on your side, you’ll be able to take full advantage of  SportSavvy s platform and large client base to get top products and services at competitive prices for your members through your very own Club and Team Store. And at the same time you’ll  generate mucho fundraising dinero  for your sports organization. Our  exclusive fundraising partners offer the opportunity for organizations like yours to earn top fundraising dollars with no up-front costs. Plus,  10% to 30% of every dollar spent by your members goes back to your organization and you don’t have to manage or worry about  logistics or inventory.

Financial Reports:  With over  150 Standard Reports  to choose from, running reports is like running drills – not actually doing the drills yourself, just telling the team how to do them.  But if you’d rather  Create and Customize Your Own Reports  all you have to do is  tick off the  checkmark boxes beside the data you want to see and presto, your report appears!

  • Merchant Account Management
  • Customized E-commerce Orders
  • Display Sponsor Ads
  • Field/Facility Costing



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