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Dietary supplements and energy drinks: Is anyone talking to our kids?

By | Communication | 15 March 2015 | Comments (0)

Is anyone talking to our kids about dietary supplements and energy drinks?

dietary supplementsMost athletes look for an edge, be it good physical and mental training techniques and/or dietary  supplements. But, did you and your athletes know that only 12% of over-the-counter supplements have been 3rd party tested ( stated in a recent study)? WebMD reports that there have been numerous deaths, suicides, and heart attacks linked to the consumption of energy drinks.    Many believe that if a product is sold over-the-counter it is safe, but as research has proven, the vast majority of over-the-counter supplements have NOT been 3rd party tested. Pretty scary stuff! So for the safety of our children and young athletes, let’s start these types of conversations now.

Note, dimethylamylamine (mentioned in the first link) is used in weight loss, athletic performance, and body building supplements. It is widely available including over the internet and may be called rose geranium oil.  It has been  banned in Canada, New Zealand and in US Military stores because of several fatalities.  

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