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SportSavvy's $10 Million Challenge
How can we offer our software for free?
Our partners, including MLSE, want to put money back into your club by offering SportSavvy's Best-in-Class software for free. Our goal is to put $10 million back in to grassroots sports!
We are experts in transferring clubs like yours into our easy-to-use system.

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Do you have data Liability?

The ultimate dream team.



Helping sports clubs put money back on the playing field.


All you'll need is one quarterback.


With the SportSavvy league management system in place, it only takes one quarterback  or two if you decide to let another quarterback into your kitchen AKA the magical set-up wizard to set up and manage the registration process. And because of the highly-automated nature of SportSavvy s registration module, registration and financial errors become a thing of the past. Plus, the quick and straightforward registration process makes it more likely that players, volunteers and parents will walk away singing your praises.



Get this heavy hitter on your team.


How would you like to have one of the top scheduling gurus in the world (seriously!) working for your organization? Our chief scheduling architect and co-founder, Dr. "J.B." Moore, taught scheduling at the largest math school in the world at the doctoral level. Here's how he helped one of our clients hit it out of the park: this client now schedules their whole season (2,800 games) from start to finish in one afternoon. The schedules are perfectly balanced (e.g., start times, field usage) and then get automatically published to their website.


Team Communications

Bullhorn or headset. It's your call.


A communication module with the power to amplify your message and shout it out - faster than your best running back BTW - to everyone or the discretion to share it only with specific groups or individuals. It also opens up the lines of communication between coaches, referees, players, and parents, making it so much easier to coordinate everything from game time changes to carpooling.


Easy to Use

It's like using a  smartphone.
But even better,  it won t violate the no screens at the table  rule and force you to look up with that guilty look on your face when asked, Did you hear what I said?     Setting  up and managing your registrations, scheduling, communications, and financials from within a single, unified system is a snap. Most of the heavy lifting is done for you by the highly-intelligent nature of the system and its magical set-up wizards.  The simple dashboard makes finding what you re looking for and/or performing any task as easy as taking a picture with  your smartphone.  Plus ¦




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